• LNG Terminal in Nantong City
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    The company will supply parallel thread coupler for Nantong LNG Terminal. We have made contract with Hebei Research Institute of Construction & Geotechnical Investigation Co.,Ltd on this month. They need 20mm,25mm,28mm normal thread coupler and transition coupler 28mm to 25mm,25mm to 20mm. To...Read more »

  • Cold extrusion coupler
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    We have an important meeting with our Dubai client on Tianjin city . This time we have contracted many projects about our rebar coupler’s business in the next 5years. They will sell cold extrusion coupler and machine in the Middle East. We have decided that they to be our sell agent in Middle Eas...Read more »

  • Agent product
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    According the market demand, we have researched several products in half a year. At last, motor and industrial coating are our agent product in the foreign market. From 2015year, we have started to make the business with their two factory, and we have recognized their good quality in product and ...Read more »

  • Found workshop
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    The company has founded Advanced Manufacture Technology Practice Workshop with Shijiazhuang Railway University on 2014 years. This workshop could provide apprenticeship, internship opportunities for their students, then it could improve our technology standard by teacher...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-05-2018

    Taper thread technology uses thread cutting system, while parallel thread technology uses thread rolling system. Two different technologies caster for different steels. With hard steel, we should choose taper thread technology. Taper thread coupler has dental pattern angle with high accuracy. All...Read more »

  • Jordan’s Building Extribution
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    The company attended the 2012’s China Homelife Jordan Exhibition on Amman. This year's show will have a dedicated focus on nine product segments: Agriculture & Food,Building Materials,Consumer Electronics,Furniture, Home Appliances, Textiles and Garments, Home Pro...Read more »

    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    We have took part in the Kuwait local project on 2011 year. As their rebar steel ‘s tensil strengh is very high, co we could supply parallel threading coupler with 40Cr materilal. The customer was satisfatied with our service. ...Read more »